The Process From Start to Finish 


Step 1:

Consultation visit: The consultation visit is a complimentary visit during which the patient sees the doctor, gets his/her case evaluated, gets an estimation of the cost and an initial plan for the treatment. 


Step 2:

Impressions (molds), Pictures (intraoral and extraoral) to help us with the Zircteeth assessment protocol, CBCT scan. (this could be done the same time as the consultation visit) 

Step 3:

The surgery day

Step 4:

Follow-up day

Step 5:

After 3-5 months we start the process of the final bridge, giving your bone adequate time to heal. 

Step 6:

With the Zircteeth protocol, we go through a second temporary bridge before we go to the final, it works like a test drive for the final one. By doing this, we assure that the patient will be satisfied with the final product