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Dental Implants

What is Zircteeth?

Zircteeth is a full mouth dental implant fixed bridge. 

This bridge is attached to dental implants. Patients Cannot remove the bridge, only the dentist can if needed. 

This bridge is very unique because it follows a strict protocol from start to finish, called Zircteeth Protocol. 

In most cases, because of the Zircteeth Protocol, we eliminate the need for invasive bone grafting procedures.

Best of all, it feels as good, if not better than your own healthy teeth. 

Zircteeth explained in a few seconds!

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Robert's Progress


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Dental Implants - Malden - MA


I was hit by a truck and lost my teeth. Zircteeth Saved me!


I have Lupus and my case was difficult. My teeth were very bad. Zircteeth changed my life


Christine's Progress


Implant Center NH
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Zircteeth vs Dentures

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