Frequently asked questions

What is a dental implant?

It's simply a screw made out of titanium (most popular material) that goes into your bone and engages to it. The implant has to be surrounded by bone all the way around it to be optimally predictable and functional. It works as a base for the future crown on top of it. After the implant heals, we place an attachment on top of it that we call abutment, then the crown goes on top of that.

What is the final product made of?

We have a couple of options for the final product. It depends on two things: Patient desire The assessment of the patient’s bite. The options: Full Zirconia bridge (Strongest) Zirconia layered with Porcelain (the most esthetic)

Who qualifies for Zircteeth?

Almost everyone is eligible for Zircteeth, unless you have severe bone loss and even with bone grafting it won’t be enough to go with traditional dental implants. Then, we need to explore other options like Zygoma implants or Pterygoid implants.

How many implants do I need at least?

The new trend is arguing that 4 implants is enough, with Zircteeth Protocol, we place at least 4 but we place more if bone and space allow.

How do I know if I will need bone graft or not?

Usually with CBCT, the 3D X-ray gives us exactly the measurement we need to evaluate the need for bone grafting or not

What is CT scan?

t is a 3D X-ray that is used to evaluate the bone volume and quality. In dentistry it is called a CBCT, much less radiation than the traditional medical CT.

Do you need a CT scan on every patient?

Yes, in Zircteeth Protocol we take CT scan on every single patient who needs dental implant treatment. For two reasons: 1- To mark the nerves in the jaws so we can safely place your implants with respect to your unique anatomy. 2- To evaluate the density and the volume of the jaws bone.

How much does it usually cost?

It depends on two things: 1- The patient's choice of the material 2- The need for bone grafting or not, to be determined after reading the CT scan. With Zircteeth Protocol we make it quite simple, transparent, and straightforward, the quote we offer you is the same regardless of any additional procedures needed through the process. The patient will have four different options: 1- Regular Zirconia: 20k per arch 2- Esthetic Zirconia: 25k per arch 3- Regular Zirconia with bone regeneration: 24k per arch 4- Esthetic Zirconia with bone regeneration: 29k per arch *(Arch means either upper or lower jaw) Consequently, the prices for both upper and lower jaws will be the following: 1- Regular Zirconia: 40k upper and lower arches (Jaws) 2- Esthetic Zirconia: 50k upper and lower arches 3- Regular Zirconia with bone regeneration: 48k upper and lower arches 4- Esthetic Zirconia with bone regeneration: 58k upper and lower arches We offer payment plans: Convenient monthly payments that can be as little as $350/month

How does it work?

Can you walk me through the process from start to finish? Consultation visit: Zircteeth questionnaire Impressions (molds), Pictures (intraoral and extraoral) to help us with the Zircteeth assessment protocol, CBCT scan. (this could be done the same time as the consultation visit) The surgery day Follow-up day After 3-5 months we start the process of the final bridge, giving your bone adequate time to heal. With the Zircteeth protocol, we go through a second temporary bridge before we go to the final, it works like a test drive for the final one. By doing this, we assure that the patient will be satisfied with the final product.

How long does it usually take from start to finish?

It depends on how much bone grafting will be needed, but usually anytime between 6-9 months, sometimes even more.

Do you have any sedation options?

We have two options: We can do oral sedation If the patient chooses, we can do IV sedation for deeper sedation.

Do I ever stay without teeth through the process?

Never, you will always have temporary teeth throughout the whole process. Most of the time this temporary is fixed if the bone allows. If The bone does not allow, we must go through a removable temporary.

How do we choose the teeth color and mould?

With the Zircteeth Protocol we have a very thorough protocol to make sure the patient will be extremely satisfied with the final product. We take into consideration: Patient input Patient old pictures if available Patients face profile Patient smile line Patient opinion of the first temporary, then the second temporary. Patients facial measurement from top to bottom.

What is so unique about Zircteeth?

Every step of the way is unique in terms of following the strict and effective Zircteeth Protocol. There's a special maintenance protocol for it, called ZircCare:a kit you can buy from one of our participating providers.

How do you compare it to regular dentures?

Zircteeth feels smooth and natural, they look better than your own healthy teeth, Dentures are a compromised solution. Still better than no teeth, but not even close to Zircteeth. Removable dentures are often loose, ill-fitting, and unesthetic. While Zircteeth are strongly fixed like natural teeth, extremely functional, and are beautifully esthetic. Zircteeth has no coverage of your palate like a denture does, so you can taste food better and you don’t feel a big heavy bulk at the top of your mouth. With dentures, you can’t chew most food very well. With Zircteeth, you can eat whatever you want very comfortably, even a big, juicy steak! Dentures overtime cause bone loss, that's why you need to buy new ones every few years, Zircteeth preserves bone, contrary to Dentures, and has better longevity.

How long does it usually last?

With proper care, proper following of Zirc Maintenance protocol, it should be the ultimate lifetime treatment.

Do dental implants harm near teeth?

If dental implants are placed properly then no, they will cause no harm to adjacent teeth. They will help support the teeth around them and prevent your teeth from shifting. They also help preserve the bone around them.

Can you show me some samples of the final product?

I will display pictures of that in the office and can show you a model of Zircteeth and implants during our consultation.