We are so proud of our work, we take our pictures with our Iphone. No edits, no filters, no alterations whatsoever so you can see the real thing.  

Robert's Story

Robert had a truck accident and he ended up losing all his teeth. He had dentures for many years. He never liked them. He never even used them. He has been eating and drinking without any teeth or dentures because he simply could not use them and could not take the glue. Until he saw our Zircteeth commercial he did not even know he had that option. 

Now, he can smile confidently, he can talk comfortably, and more importantly, he can enjoy all kinds of foods. Especially steak -his favorite- which he could not enjoy for so long.

handsome Robert
Happy Robert
Christine with Zircteeth
Beautiful Christine

Christine's Story

Christine is our super nice patient. She really likes to take care of her teeth. Unfortunately, all of her root canals from previous work kept breaking. She got sick of teeth repair that does not last long. Now with Zircteeth top and bottom, she is pain free and she can finally relax without being worried about broken teeth anymore.


Rosali's Story

Rosali presented with an infection that messed up her teeth

Implants placed for her on the top. She loved her Zircteeth on the top that she can not wait to have them on the bottom.

Nijivia Before Zircteeth
Bottom Only
Happy Nijivia