If you need to replace one or all of your teeth, there has never been a better time. In the past the only options to replace missing teeth were dentures or in some cases bridges. Now dental implants have revolutionized the options for replacing missing teeth. Dentures are hard and often uncomfortable to use. They cause constant loss of bone under them and keep getting loose. They often cover the roof the mouth and can alter the taste sensation. A new denture is needed every 5-7 years and the costs can add up over time. There is limitation on what you can eat and food has to be often cut into small pieces. 

In case of bridges, a tooth is needed on each side of the space and natural teeth are trimmed to put the bridge on them. This can compromise their health and create long term complications. In many cases bridges cannot be done if too many teeth are missing or if there are no teeth on either side of the missing teeth. There is also continued loss of bone under a bridge and if anything goes wrong with any of the teeth in the bridge, the whole bridge need to be removed. The cost of the bridge is comparable to dental implants.

Dental implants are by far the best solution to replace missing teeth. The teeth placed on dental implants look and feels like natural teeth. There are no restrictions on the foods and implants preserve jaw bones. Unlike dentures there is no need to take out the teeth and unlike bridges there is no need to trim neighboring teeth. With improvement in technology, many patients are good candidates for dental implants. 

Introducing Zircteeth

Zircteeth are  strong and esthetic implants supported bridge made of zirconia. With Zircteeth, you can enjoy all the foods you like. Unlike dentures, Zircteeth are securely fixed to your jaws so there is no fear of them falling out and causing embarrassing situations. Zircteeth do not cover the roof the mouth, so they do not alter your taste sensation. You can smile confidently and enjoy all kinds of foods you love. All of this can be achieved in a few visits. 

Frequently Asked Questions...

What are Zircteeth?

Zircteeth® is a state of the art dental implant supported zirconia bridge which is used to replace many or all teeth in a jaw.

Are Zircteeth permanent?

Yes, Zircteeth are permanent implant supported bridge.

What kind of foods can I eat with Zircteeth? 

You can eat whatever you like with Zircteeth. There are no restrictions. Just be careful about not to bite into things that you would not do with your natural teeth.

How long do Zircteeth® last?

Zircteeth can last for a lifetime with routine maintenance care. 

Is the process painful?

We will provide necessary sedation and local anesthesia to make sure the appointment is as comfortable as possible. Pain medication is provided for post-operative comfort as needed. Most patients report that they are comfortable within 1-2 days of the procedure with just over the counter pain medication. Most of them return to work within 3-5 days of the procedure.

How is the recovery after the procedure?

After the surgical appointment, you will feel some residual numbness for a few hours. After the numbness wears off, you might feel some soreness. Pain medications will be provided to manage immediate discomfort. You can also expect to have some swelling which can last for up to 7 days. The swelling peaks on the third day. Use of ice packs for first 24 hours greatly reduce the swelling. Most of the patients switch to over the counter pain medicine like Tylenol or advil from the second day and return to work in 3-5 days. It is however advisable to have a 7 day period of rest after the procedure. Detailed instructions are provided on eating, hygiene and activities at the time of procedure.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

Dental implants have a success rate of 95 to 99%. Good hygiene and follow up care will ensure long life of dental implants. 

Is there a warranty on Zircteeth?

Zircteeth and Zircteeth Esthetic have 5 year warranty and  Zircteeth Acrylic bridge has 1 year warranty.

What about the Zircteeth Acrylic?

The process for the Zircteeth Acrylic bridge is similar to Zircteeth. However, the final bridge is made of acrylic with denture teeth which are supported by a titanium bar. They are very esthetic but not as strong as Zircteeth.

What is the difference between Zircteeth and Zircteeth esthetic?

Zircteeth are made of solid zirconia. They are very strong esthetic solution for teeth replacement. Zircteeth esthetic are also made of zirconia but the front teeth are layered with porcelain. This gives them a very esthetic and natural teeth like appearance. 

What kind of implants are used for Zircteeth?

We use well researched and proven titanium implants for Zircteeth. The implants are made by MIS USA, a division of Dentsply Sirona, which is the largest dental equipment and supply company in the world.

How do I maintain my Zircteeth?

To enjoy your new implant supported bridge for a long time, it is critical to follow the recommended maintenance protocols. This includes cleaning the bridge at home and visiting out office periodically for cleaning and more thorough evaluation. At home, brush your Zircteeth with a soft tooth brush and use a water flossed and dental floss to clean under the bridge.  The usual recall intervals are 6 months to a year. More frequent cleaning might be required based on oral hygiene. The dentist will determine the interval of visits based on health of the gums under the bridge. During the maintenance visit, the bridge is removed and cleaned and in ultrasonic bath and the supporting screws are replaced.

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