Dr. Ziad Eskandar
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Dr. Ziad Eskandar (DR. Z)

Clinical Director and Owner

How did Zircteeth Come To Life?

Zircteeth is a way for patients to have a permanent solution to replace their lost teeth. A much more revolutionary, aesthetic, comfortable, and more functional solution than old fashioned, traditional dentures! 

After graduating from Boston University School of Dental Medicine in 2008, Dr. Eskandar went through extensive training on dental implants and oral bone grafting procedures. Over time, it became his true passion and sole focus.

The concept of Zircteeth came about five years ago, implying that every step of the way needs to be subject to a systemic quality control procedure specific to Zircteeth Protocol. We don’t proceed to the next step unless the previous procedure has passed the quality control assessment. 

Dr. Eskandar decided that the implant supported bridges made of acrylic are not of the quality he desires. They tend to break and wear easily over time, which is why it was eliminated from our final bridge options. 

With Zircteeth protocol we offer two final products: one is a full solid Zirconia bridge, 

The other option is a full aesthetic zirconia bridge.